Thank you, Coach Brad!

Thank you Coach Brad!  My OCR journey started late in 2016 at Citizen’s Bank Park.  I had no idea what I was doing, couldn’t do a lot of the obstacles, and almost came in dead last.  Instead of getting discouraged, this lit a fire under me but I knew I would need help. I found a gym that offered a free introductory class which was taught by Coach Brad.  From there, I signed up for a couple private coaching lessons, and then a membership so I could attend his OCR classes. He took the time to help me focus on my weaknesses (and there was a lot of them) and help me build the strength and confidence to tackle obstacles I used to fear or fail.  When I first walked into that gym, I couldn’t do a pull up, couldn’t hold a dead hang for longer than 5 seconds, couldn’t get across monkey bars, couldn’t climb a rope, and so many other obstacles that OCR requires you to do to be successful. Flash forward to present day, I’m running age group and even had my first penalty free race.  

I’m happy to say that not only did I find a great coach but also a great friend.  He has been there at so many races encouraging his students to be successful. He’s also put together a pretty awesome ultra training program that helped me get through my ultra in Ohio.  His coaching methods are full of positivity and determination which makes me want to succeed more. I know he looks at his students as a direct reflection of his coaching methods and I’m very happy to say that I’m one of the many success stories.  I now feel like I’ve moved onto the next chapter of my OCR journey which is to be successful in the competitive heats. I know I can achieve my goals because I know he’s going to be behind me the entire way. Again, THANK YOU!