About Coach Brad


Brad Sims is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (www.NASM.org) Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Spartan Group X Coach. What is corrective exercise? Well, after an assessment of your movement, Brad is able to isolate and improve potential muscle weaknesses or imbalances that have been caused by abnormal movement patterns, past injuries or surgeries. He relies on an evidence based program developed by NASM, whose creator, Dr. Michael Clark, is a physical therapist and sports physician.

Brad's Life Style

Brad has been physically active most of his life, trying various disciplines from competitive swimming to Muay Thai, from inline skating to kiteboarding. He is serious about mixing up interests to keep things fresh and believes this will benefit you, the client as well! He started weightlifting in 1994 and has never looked back since. Since becoming a certified personal trainer in 2012  and keeps his passion for learning alive by taking new courses and refreshing his past knowledge as well. Additionally, Brad has 5 years of physical therapy aide work under his belt from working at The Moment Institute  in Madison giving him invaluable insight into corrective exercise and its application with patients. Brad has taken his skills and extensive education and has translated them into a unique training style that appeals to a wide variety of individuals seeking self-improvement. Brad works with everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors to stay-at-home moms. With his adaptive training style he is able to create goal-specific programs tailored to the individual’s needs.

Spartan SGX Certified

Brad’s latest specialty is his Spartan SGX (Spartan Group Exercise) certification, which introduces a variety of training methods to make workouts both challenging and fun, and to prepare his more adventurous students for running their first obstacle race; the ultimate challenge! Brad is only the 5th coach in New Jersey to achieve this certification.

He is also actively coaching even when competing in obstacle courses himself!  Here is a video of a winter race he did in March 2018!

Brad has successfully worked with clients having various physical challenges, including, but not limited to: rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac rehab, shoulder replacement surgery, ACL tears, Rotator Cuff tears, multiple endometriosis surgeries,  lower body paralysis, and lymphodema… remarkably ALL of which have seen profound and positive  improvements through physical activity.

Personal Trainer Morris County

Why Choose Coach Brad?

I maintain a strong commitment towards personalized service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Nothing’s more important than good health. So why aren’t you working out? Probably because you’re just now checking out my site. I’m a one-stop MOBILE fitness emporium. Take advantage of my knowledge, and pretty soon everyone will be checking you out!

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