Training Tips For Monkey Bars & Multi Rigs

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One of the more popular obstacle trends in OCR this season has been the increased use of the multiple grip traverse rigs aka “multi-rig”.  They have been seen at the Obstacle Course Racing’s World Championship (OCRWC), Spartan Race Canada, Battlefrog, and the American Spartan Race series-Spartan has even given their Rig its own Facebook page.

These rigs have gained notoriety as of late as many people struggle to complete them, and the rigs boast a high difficulty and failure rate. With mandatory obstacle completion at Battlefrog and the OCRWC, training for the rig should be a major focus for every athlete. Unfortunately, not many people can afford to purchase their own personal rig nor have the skills to build one from scratch. This leaves many people training only on monkey bars or simply training their grip strength. While that should absolutely still be a part of your training, getting some practice on a rig is extremely important. Well, I’m here to tell you that, with a pretty small budget, there are some great ways to create your own personal rig. Today’s post will focus on getting the right gear and showing you how to turn your playground monkey bars into your own personal “Rig”.

There are several types of grips commonly used on multi-rigs.   Nunchuks, cannonballs, baseballs and rings to name a few.  (insert photo examples here).

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