Program Design

You love Do-It-Yourself.  I get you.   I offer program design based on 4 things:

  • Your goals
  • Your movement screen results
  • Past and present injuries
  • Your available training days per week

Custom plans available in 4, 8, 12 and 16 week periods, starting at $45 a month (up to 4 workouts a week). $10 extra per additional workout (max 6).

Endurance Obstacle training package (6 months) perfect for Spartan Ultra Beast or World’s Toughest Mudder$299 includes:

  • FREE 1-week sample workout (try before you buy)
  • Mantra of the week + Mantras during the race
  • Running skill focus points
  • Running-based corrective exercises
  • Running strength
  • Running flexibility
  • Running pace & speed conversion chart
  • Mileage progressions
  • Grip strength and endurance work
  • Nutrition for Training and Race-day including supplements and recipes
  • Race day meal timing schedule
  • Fluid Intake chart based on bodyweight
  • Metabolic workouts (combines conditioning and Obstacle training)
  • Obstacle-specific training techniques
  • Additional workout challenges to set baselines and re-test performance
  • Safe and un-conventional core training
  • Tips for better sleep and sleep scheduling
  • Spotify playlist ideas
  • Ideas for your Drop-bin
  • Gear recommendations
  • Race Gear Checklist
  • OCR shopping sites
  • Bibliography
  • * 30% discounts on future (updated) versions!